Redshelf Code Redemption Instructions

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Please note there are two ways that you may receive your RedShelf ebooks


1.     If you place your order via online, your code will either be emailed to you in a separate email or directly loaded into your redshelf account. It is important that when placing your order, that you ensure your email information is correct. Failure to enter a correct email will prevent you from receiving your code. If you feel you have entered the incorrect email information please send an email to with your purchase information and they will be able to help you gain access to your books,

2.    If you purchase your ebook in store, your access code will print out on your receipt. Please follow the directions below to access your code. 


Receipt example

  •  Look at your bookstore receipt
  •  Find your ebook PIN
    • Look for “Unit #: 1 PIN #: ...”
  •  Go to the website printed on your receipt (
  • Log in or create an account with Redshelf

Redeem Box

  •  Find “Redeem Code” located in the center of the home page
  • Type the PIN # printed on your receipt
    • For ebooks that must be read on publisher (e.g. Pearson, Cengage, McGraw Hill, Norton) websites: A code will generate
    •     Use the generated code on the publisher’s website
      •  Usually there is a link from Blackboard to your instructor’s section
  •  For ebooks that are read on Redshelf’s website:
    •  The book will be added to your online bookshelf on Redshelf