Cash for Books

Welcome to your FTCC Bookstore!

FA Charging for Spring 2023 will begin on 1/3/23

Digital access codes will be processed and sent during normal business hours.  At this time auto fulfillment is not avaialble.We apologize for the inconvenience.

Buyback Choices
The FTCC Bookstore buys books from students in three different ways! 

Option 1 (In store)

December 1, 2022 -December 15th, 2022 (While funds last)


Visit the FTCC Bookstore during the Buyback period in order to get cash for your books. The dates for buyback vary based on the academic calender.  See store calendar for buyback details.

  • The FTCC Bookstore will give students up to 50% of the purchase price for any textbook that we can use for the next semester.
    • This allows the Bookstore to pass textbook savings onto the next student who purchases the textbook
  • If the textbook is not a book that we can use, we may be able to purchase the book for our wholesaler which pays a varying amount based on the current market demand.
  • The process is simple
    • Come to the FTCC Bookstore
    • Show us your student ID or Driver's License
    • Complete the paperwork
    • Take the paperwork over to the cahier's window in the Thomas McLean (Main Administration) Building
    • Get Cash!


Option 2 (Online)


Visit the Nebraska Book Company's Online Buyback Service

  • On the site, students can search for the book ISBN(s) they want to sell back and create a transaction.
  • Nebraska Book Company will provide a quote(s) and a printable shipping label.
  • Once the order is complete, simply box up your books and ship using the label provided.
  • Students will receive a check for their book(s) withing two to three weeks of NEBC receiving the books.
  • Book prices are determined by market demand and the FTCC Bookstore cannot alter, match, or dispute pricing.
  • This option can be used year round or outside of the FTCC Bookstore's normal Buyback period.

Option 3 (Online)

Visit the MBS Online Buyback site

  • Step One:
    • Enter your ISBNs for each book to get a price quote
      • Book prices are determined by market demand and the FTCC Bookstore cannot alter, match, or dispute pricing.
    • Pack your textbooks in a strong, sturdy box suitable for shipping.
    • Fill the empty spaces with a clean filler. Remember, the received condition determines the final value of your shipment.
    • Be sure you have packaged your shipment well to protect your investment.
  • Step Two:
    • Please print and enclose your packing list.
    • If you do not include the packing list with your books, you may not be credited with the buyback.
    • keep a copy for your records.
    • Tape the box securely using appropriate shipping or box tape.
  • Step Three:
    • Once you complete your quote you will receive an email with a link to your pre-paid UPS Shipping Label.
    • Please print the label and follow the instructions regarding mailing your package.
    • Securely attach the label to the top of the box. Make sure there is only one mailing label on the box you are using.
    • Then, ship your books. Note that the postage paid UPS label does not insure your package. Should you desire to insure your package, we suggest you purchase those services from UPS at your expense.
    • MBS and the FTCC Bookstore are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged books.