Steps to Obtain Uniforms

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Step 1
The student is accepted into a program requiring uniforms and/or medical supplies.
Step 2
The student should go to Castle Uniforms as soon as possible to place an order for any supplies necessary for their program.
*At Castle Uniforms, the student will fill out the Charge Authorization Form to allow the FTCC Bookstore to charge financial aid for the balance of the order, once the funds become available.

The Form can also be found here: Castle Authorization Form

Step 3
Castle Uniforms will email your special order for your supplies/uniforms, and the charge authorization form to the FTCC Bookstore.
Step 4
If it is necessary for the student to have their supplies on the first day of class, the student must go to Castle Uniform as soon as possible, and no later than one month before the start of class to pay out of pocket for those items considered non-refundable by Castle. (Monogramed items, ETC.)
Per Castle Uniforms’ return policy: “No refunds will be given on items that have been altered, worn, laundered, or customized with the student’s name or school logo.”

Step 5
You may pay for your items at either the FTCC Bookstore or Castle Uniforms.
  • Students may not pay partially at Castle if they intend to place the order through the Bookstore.
  • THE FTCC Bookstore cannot accept payment via e-mail as this in not a secure form of payment.
Step 6
Once those items that are non-refundable are paid for, either through financial aid or an out of pocket payment, the Bookstore will inform Castle that the order can be started. Castle and the Bookstore will each attach a processing fee to each order sent to the Bookstore.
Step 7
Upon completion of the students order, Castle Uniforms will notify the student.
Step 8
The student will go to Castle Uniforms to receive their order.
  • The student will inspect the box and sign off on a receiving sheet verifying the contents of the box.
  • The receiving sheet will be emailed to the Bookstore.


  • If the student paid for the non-refundable items out of pocket, and his/her financial aid is unavailable, the student will receive a phone call stating they do not have financial aid available.   
  • The student will have five business days to coordinate with the financial aid office to resolve the issue.   
  • If the student’s funds still are not showing available, those items not paid for out of pocket will be dropped from the order and returned to stock at Castle.
  • In the event the student’s financial aid award amount is reduced for any reason, any supplies paid for with financial aid may be considered a debt to be repaid to the school at the FTCC Business Office.