Welcome to your FTCC Bookstore!

The FTCC Bookstore is independently owned and operated by Fayetteville Technical Community College. Revenues from the bookstore directly impact students throughout the college through scholarships, campus events, building projects and much more! Choosing to shop local and with us contributes to the success of our students, the growth of Fayetteville Technical Community College, and our community!

The FTCC Bookstore works closely with Castle Uniforms in order to assist students with the financial burden of purchasing uniforms and medical supplies for various classes.  We enable students to make purchases using their available financial aid.  In order to better assist all students, the Bookstore, in conjunction with Castle, has created a process which will serve students in the most efficient and timely manner possible.

Further information may be found at the below links:

Uniform/Supply frequently asked questions: Click Here
Steps to obtain uniforms/supplies from Castle: Click Here
Castle authorization form: Click Here

If you have further questions, please contact 910-678-8342 or bookstore@faytechcc.edu.